Before you download any Software, Games, Crack, Patch, etc, you should read this agreement:
  1. Crack, Patch, Full Version Software/Games, etc are provided by just for REVIEW PURPOSE and TRY the full version.
  2. - If you like the software/games, you have to buy that software/games.
    - If you don't like the software/games, remove it from your computer and delete the installation files immediately.
  3. Hacking Social Networking is only intended to recover your hacked account or forgotten password
  4. Any abuse of information (number 1 [one], 2 [two], and 3 [three]) are the responsibility of each individual (people who download). don't interfere in the problems posed.
  5. If you want to share the Software/Games, please include this text without changing anything.
  6. You may copy all the contents from this blog, problems posed in the future will be the responsibility of copier.
  7. Rules that haven't been specified here will be determined later.
  8. Downloading from means agreeing this agreement.


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