Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lumia Cyan Software Update Ready to Land

Lumia Cyan, an update to Lumia devices with Windows Phone 8 is ready to be downloaded. As we can see, Lumia Cyan comes with Windows Phone 8.1, deliver a lot of features including Cortana personal assistant, notification center aka action center, start screen background, and many great features. It start rolled out to Lumia 925 and 625, but now the update is paused due to BitLocker issue. By information I got, BitLocker is additional software that increase the security of your device. It come pre-installed on your device. Some Lumia owners with BitLocker installed found an issue with Lumia Cyan, that's why Microsoft decides to pause the update process. But don't worry, they are doing their best to deliver best services to us, so after they fix the issue, update will be available to download. You can always go to this site to check Cyan availability to your phone. :)


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