Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Tag Friend in Facebook via Mobile

Facebook is the social networking that has biggest user now. We often access Facebook site, via,, etc. If we want to tag friend from PC, we just type @ followed by Friend's name, bu now we will discuss about tagging Friend's name when we are accessing Facebook via mobile phone.
Facebook Tag via Mobile
  1. First step, we have to know the Facebook ID of our friend. The user ID: Just open the profile and view the address bar. If he/she had personalize his/her profile, the address bar will be like this: and we don't know the ID. We have to move to another page, but still in his/her profile, like his/her picture or his/her older posts. The user ID should appear in address bar.
  2. Second step, type this code: @[userID:0] For example: @[100000168244986:0] will tag me. You can combine with sentences, like: "Hey, @[userID:0]. How are you?" It will be: "Hey, 'friend's name'. How are you?"
  3. Done!
It's easy, right? Any question? Comment please, I will reply as soon as I read. Thanks


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