Friday, April 6, 2012

Compatible Antivirus for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Antivirus

Windows 8 has reached its beta version and has been downloaded thousands of times. One assistant software needed on most OS is antivirus, and we know that Windows 8 is a new system and still in beta version. So, not all antivirus support this OS. What antivirus support this OS? Here is the list (works April 6th, 2012):
I put a link to download the antivirus (only antivirus I have tried)
Or you can read this post, it is about Windows 8 antivirus.

If you know other antivirus support Windows 8, you can help other people by adding comment below. :D


  1. @Srinagar Houseboats Thanks very much, but if you are running on slow PC, I recommend ESET NOD32 Antivirus. :) It's your choice :)

  2. It's a very good list of anti virus for Windows 8. But if its a more elaborate review of each anti virus it'd be great. Also just like Microsoft Security Essentials, I'm expecting a better kind of Windows 8 anti virus.

  3. @Palla Ramarao I'd like to do that, maybe I will write some review when Windows 8 reached its Final Release :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog :D

  4. K7 Antivirus Products are compatible with Windows 8 - full version since it's released:

    1. Thanks for the information, K7 Antivirus will be added to the list :)


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