Monday, July 16, 2012

Font Router (Symbian) - Detailed Features

I guess everybody who search this already know about Fount Router, is a tool to change the UI font in Symbian OS. In this time, I will write about Font Router features:

Font Router
  • Font Location : This isn't feature, but the main function of Font Router. Used to select font directory. (can be accessed from Option -> Open Font)
  • Font Router Man : Disable this to reset to default setting.
  • Zoom Ratio : Used to manipulate zoom ratio. Slide to right to get bigger font, and vice versa.
  • Chroma : This feature is related to Anti Aliasing Feature (make the font looked smooth). Slide to right to get smoother font.
  • Font Style : We can decide this function by reading the option, Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold and Italic. Note that supported font is required to use this feature.
  • Y Adjust : Used to manipulate Y position of the font. (Almost like superscript and subscript)
  • CharGapAdj: Character Gap Adjustment. Used to manipulate space between each character.
  • LineGapAdj: Line Gap Adjustment. Used to manipulate space between each line.
  • GDR support: Used to select whether GDR Format (*.gdr) is supported or not.
  • Bitmap type: Used to control how the font will be displayed (rendered) on phone.
  • ZoomMaxSize: used to manipulate maximum zoom allowed in Zoom Ratio.
  • ZoomMinSize: used to manipulate minimum zoom allowed in Zoom Ratio.
I just know that. Everybody who knows about the remain features please give comment. :)


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