Sunday, September 16, 2012

Picasa - Can't Turn Face Detection Back ON

I had this when I accidentally turned OFF Face Detection feature on Picasa Folder Manager in drive F: , after that I can't turn face detection back ON (it's grayed out) only in Drive F: even after I uninstall Picasa and clean the registry.
So, How to turn face detection back ON?
The solution:

  1. Exit Picasa
  2. Go to Picasa Local AppData by copy-paste this to address bar %LocalAppData%\Google\Picasa2Albums\
    You'll find two (2) *.txt files, frexcludefolders.txt and watchedfolders.txt
  3. Delete frexcludefolders.txt and restart Picasa
  4. Done, you should be able to turn face detection back ON.


  1. Woww!! Great job guys, I think it will only be repaired in the version 4.0, but you find the solution early. :D thanks very much

    1. thanks John, glad to see you can solve the problem :)

    2. you're welcome
      nice blog btw

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