Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Delete Duplicated Files Automatically

A lot of files get accumulated on our computers as a result of downloads from the internet, copying files from our cameras, mobile devices and USB flash drives, and file transfers over the network. This is annoying, we have to choose the duplicated files, then delete it. 

I found an application that automatically detect duplicated files and delete them.
It's NOCLONE (official website), a good an there is a free version of this application.

Unlike other duplicate file finder tools which use MD5 match algorithm, NoClone applies binary comparison that ensures the duplicate files uncovered are exactly the same in content. That would allow you to delete duplicated files without being worried about false duplicates.

It support a wide range of file types including document files such as docx, xlsx, pptx; audio files such as mp3, wma, wav; video files such as mp4, vob, flv; images files such as jpg, gif, bmp; Outlook emails and more! Also work with removable media devices like floppy, usb, etc.

As a fast duplicate file finder, NoClone Smart Marker allows you quickly pick up duplicate files and folders for removal by size, date, version, folder and file name pattern. You can increase free disk space up to 50%, and thus no need to purchase an external hard-drive.

Also it can delete similar image regardless of size, cropped, or modified; Quickly find out duplicate folders! Manage fewer duplicates by managing duplicate folders!; Uncover true duplicates with 100% accuracy usingbinary comparison!; Detect duplicate emails based on email content, subject, received date, recipients / senders and body size.


  1. Great! You can also use DuplicateFilesDeleter! You will be just pleased with the result. Cheers! :)



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