Monday, May 27, 2013

Application to Schedule a Shutdown or Restart

Your computer is doing something loooong such as downloading, rendering, scanning for viruses and the application doesn't have a feature to auto shutdown? Keep calm, I've write an application to schedule a shutdown. You just need to estimate when the process will be completed.

The name is Turn Off Scheduler + +. I gave double plus because it also able to Lock PC, Log Off, Sleep, and Hibernate. The UI is Metro-Styled and very friendly.

You can download the application here: Turn Off Scheduler ++.rar

This free application can be run portably, just open the executable file inside the rar. You can also re-distribute the application as long as you don't change anything without my permission.

If you meet bugs, broken link, or something needs to be repaired, just contact me below at comment section :)


  1. Nice software, useful, good design, but... sleep is not working dude, it says I've no permission to do that :(

    1. Thanks, and sorry, I'm still working on it :) will update as soon as possible


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