Saturday, February 15, 2014

List of Windows Phone 8.1 Features

This is just a list of leaked Windows Phone 8.1 Features, someone said that there are so many feature hidden.
  1. Notification area
  2. Miracast
  3. File Manager
  4. Apps on SD card
  5. USB OTG
  6. Support for QHD – 2560×1600
  7. Support for lower than 480x800px resolution
  8. Burst mode in camera
  9. Cortana voice assistance
  10. Use third party as message app
  11. IE with Flash Player
  12. IE can now upload and download files
  13. On screen button for OEM manufacturers to utilize in new hardware designs.
  14. Separate volume setting for Ringer and Apps
  15. Multitask like RT
  16. Swipe down to end apps
  17. Universal app with windows 8
  18. New podcast app
  19. VPN


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