Sunday, February 9, 2014

Windows Phone Notification Center (Action Center) on Nokia Lumia 1020

Tom Warren from The Verge, seems to have different screenshot of leaked Windows Phone notification center. He confirmed that this version is genuine.

From the screenshot, at the top we can see that there is Network Name ie AT&T, 55% is battery percentage I think, not so sure about 11/22 but I think it's date.

Then there is control center too, we can switch WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, and Driving Mode with stylish Modern UI.

Below the control center, we'll find notification center with clear all button.

A rumor says that apps can intelligently manage notifications (silently add, update, and delete notifications)

Based on My Nokia Blog, the four basic quick settings is customizable, so we can set favorite setting to appear there.

Last question usually asked is how to open that Action Center? From the screenshot, we can see a blue-bar with two strips at the bottom of Action Center. Similar to Android, iOS, and Symbian notification center, I think we can also swipe down from top to open this Action Center.

Can't wait? Stay tuned for next Windows Phone 8.1 leak :)

Soucre: My Nokia Blog, The Verge (link added in article)


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