Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Things Can Cortana Do?

Cortana, Microsoft's personal assistant, announced at Build 2014, is the answer to Apple's Siri and Google S Voice. Microsoft claimed that Cortana is a combination of Siri and S Voice. Cortana have capability to do much thing that will assist the user.
Before Cortana do all the great things, she needs know a little bit about the user, includes the inner circle, it contains some contact information like your brother, sister, girlfriend, etc.
Cortana can do great thins like:

  • Giving weather information
  • Reminding user to do something at specified condition
    (eg. "Remind me to tell about my sister's new puppy when I call her", the a reminder will appear when I call my sister")
  • Giving information about something
    (eg. "What's Bill Gates' birthday?" or "Who is you father?" or "Who created you?")
  • Set an alarm
  • Set an appointment
    (She will tell you if you have another appointment at the same time, eg. "Just let you to know that you'll have to pick up ### at the same time")
  • Call/send message to someone in contact
  • Giving direction to specified place
  • Sing
  • Etc
Unfortunately, at the first launch, Cortana will only be available for US consumer. Some country will be supported at late 2014 or 2015. But the good news, it just the region setting. Change the region in your phone and you'll get Cortana.


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