Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to Get Windows Phone 8.1 Preview [NON-DEVELOPER]

Microsoft decides to allow Windows Phone 8 owner to try Windows Phone 8.1 Preview. This preview is for developer. Before you go further, you have to know about some terms:
  1. You may void your phone warranty by installing Windows Phone 8.1 Preview
  2. You can't revert your phone back after installing Windows Phone 8.1 Preview. But you'll still get upgrade when it go official.
  3. Yes! All Lumia and other WP8 phones can install this preview!
  4. Your apps, games, contacts, photos and even settings should remain the same. This will not wipe your phone.
  5. The most important.......
    Windows Phone 8.1 will be rolled out at April 14th 2014 :D
Okay after you've read all of those. Let's go to step number 1:
  1. Go to then sign in with your Microsoft Account
    Click Yes if they ask "Let this app access your info?"
  2. Download Preview for Developers to your phone
    Install it!
  3. Open the app, sign in with account you have used to sign in in step 1
  4. Check 'Enable Preview for Developers'
  5. You'll see Success message. Tap done and it will be there when WP8.1 Preview is available. :)

[Note: Cortana will only be available for US customer, change your phone region to get Cortana]


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