Thursday, June 20, 2013

Create Application in Google Chrome

Today I will write an article about how to make application on Google Chrome. In case you don't get my aim, the application is like in the screenshot below:

This is useful if you want to create a shortcut in the new tab page, just like Speed Dial.
Actually there are two ways to add shortcut like speed dial:

  • You can search "Speed Dial" in Chrome Web Store. You can add and delete shortcut in that application. Problem I've faced using custom Speed Dial is the long Chrome startup.
  • You can search the shortcut in Chrome Web Store. For example you can search Facebook, Twitter, etc. The problem is not all shortcut is available in store. You can't add your favorite website, blog, etc.
Based on the problems above, I learned how to make an application in Google Chrome. Some article is not helpful, it just told me how to make a web shortcut to desktop, start menu, etc. Other article is using old manifest (version 1.x) that can't be used anymore.

Well, finally I find the right code, here:
Spoiler for Chrome Application Code
{ "manifest_version": 2, "name": "THE-NATURAL", "description": "Open the-natural", "version": "1.1", "icons": { "128": "128.png" }, "app": { "urls": [ "" ], "launch": { "web_url": "" } }, "permissions": [ "unlimitedStorage", "notifications" ] }
save that file to "manifest.json"

Also you needs a 128x128 png file, name it "128.png" it will be used for your application icon..

After you have that two files, put them together in one folder. Then add to chrome by go to chrome extension ( click here to go to chrome extension ), check the developer mode, click Load unpacked extension, then browse the folder. Done


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