Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Symbian Certificate Problem - Hack Symbian without any certificate! Work on my E75

Symbian (especially for s60 3rd edition and above) use tight security. When we install an application, a certificate is required to sign sis/sisx files. So, where we get the certificate? Some site provides free certificate, but when I tried, it takes more than a month (till now, the certificate key are unfinished). So we must find other way. Here:

Things what you need:
1. X-Plore (download here!)
2. Mobile Security (download here!)
3. Quarantined Hack Files (download here!)
4. RomPatcher Lite Version (Signed) (download here!)


Download all files in 1 zip file

We all know that we can't access C:\sys\ directly because we don't have permission to do that. But, system can! Like anti-virus. So, we can use that

1. Install X-Plore
2. Install Mobile Security. If asked for restart, press yes and wait for your phone.
3. Extract Quarantined Files to C:\ So the directory will be C:\tmquarantine\[files].dat (Use X-Plore)
4. Open Mobile Security, press Option, Quarantined Files
5. Press Option, Mark/Unmark, Mark All
6. Press Option, Restore, Yes
7. Install RomPatcherLiteVersion (don't use the full version, because the lite doesn't need certificate)
8. Open RomPatcher then apply InstallServerRP+ and add to automatic
9. Done! Now you can install any application!! Hurray! Any Questions?? Do a comment, please

Note: If there is a cross (X) when applying Install Server, it means that the Install Server file is not compatible with your device. Please search another Install Server file which compatible with your device :)

Spoiler for Symbian Hacked


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