Thursday, September 29, 2011

Link/Connect Google+ to Twitter to Facebook (Post Link)

I will discuss how to connect Google+ to Twitter to Facebook. So, when we make a post in Google+, it will appear automatically on Facebook.

You have to know that actually we connect Google+ to Twitter, and then Twitter to Facebook. So you must have all these accounts.

  1. Connect Google+ to Twitter. Go to this link or this link  and copy-paste your Google+ profile URL (eg: and then click Sign in with Twitter, type your username and password of Twitter
  2. Connect Twitter to Facebook. Go to  this link or this link and then click Allow.
  3. Go to Twitter then Edit Profile and click connect to Facebook. Click Post your Tweets to Facebook
  4. Done
Then, when you post in Google+, you will have a same post in Twitter and Facebook. :-)
Simple, any questions? Do a comment


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