Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hard Reset on Symbian

You have a symbian phone, and there is an/some error(s). Before you decide to re-install the firmware, try this symbian tips/trick to repair it.

Symbian Hard Reset

  1. Turn off your phone
  2. Turn on again, and while in boot process, press (*), (3), and (call key). In symbian 2nd edition, you'll see a progress bar, with 'formatting' but although there is no progress bar in symbian 3rd edition, format still running

We all know that symbian has Z: drive, if you do the trick above. It will copy a necessary data from Z: to C:. Other drive like memory card won't be affected

This method is different from soft reset, while in soft reset, phone will only set the settings to default, (not repair such as corrupt system file, etc). This method can be used for phone with virus. But remember to clean the memory card first

Update for Touch Screen Symbian:
Use Menu + Volume Down + Camera Key


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