Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ultra MP3: Stop Playing when Phone Got New Messages

Ultra MP3 is the one of mp3 player, usually S60 2nd edition use it because of the phone doesn't have internal music player.

The problem when using this mp3 player (UltraMP3) is it will stop playing a music when phone got new messages.

It is very very simple solution:

1. If UltraMP3 has been minimized, restore/maximize again using menu key (press and hold, then select UltraMP3)
2. Just press and hold menu button, it will show any opened application like ALT + Tab in Windows. You don't need to select any application, just cancel and the music will play again.

This way can be used on other mp3 player (other version of UltraMP3) like Winamp, etc


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