Friday, September 23, 2011

Customize Your Windows (not only desktop)

Windows always make an upgrade, including it's appearance. But we may improve it again. Some application just fix the desktop, like DOCK application. But we still need it. We need a group of application that won't make your computer freeze.

My recommendation:
You have to remove all of your desktop gadget and remove with this application. Rainmeter.
Screenshot: (see Spoiler)
Interested? Download here

And then check this out:
Download Transparent Theme for Windows 7 and then replace Full Glass application with Black Glass Enhached. I think it is better. (Sorry, I can't give a link :-( )

Make your start button different, use start button changer compatible with your windows version.

Spoiler for Rainmeter
Spoiler for Black Glass Enhanched
Spoiler for Start Menu Changer


  1. Macam mana kau customize Windows 8 Consumer Preview seperti dalam gambar ni?.

    Aku pun guna MS Windows 8 Consumer Preview.tolong ajar.

  2. May I upload it to you? First, please download Rainmeter for Windows 8:
    Tell me if you have done, I will upload skin package for you :)

    and thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. @Nazim166 and I'm so sorry for my late reply, hope you still enjoy my blog :)

  4. Replies
    1. i2bar:
      Power Toy:

      download all files above, rename the extension to *.zip then extract to Document\Rainmeter\Sinks\folder (sorry if I make u confused, try to search how to add rainmeter skin)

      + Wallpaper:


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