Friday, July 29, 2011

32 bit vs 64 bit

When downloading a program, we may asked for 32/64 bit system, what is it?

64bit v 32bit
The most fundamental difference is 64 bit handles process faster than 32 bit. To install 64-bit OS version we should have a CPU that is capable to running 64-bit OS versions. 64-bit operating systems can be more responsive when running multiple programs at the same time and often switch between programs.

- The most significant difference is 64 bit OS can handle up to 192 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) while 32 bit just 4 GB,
- Then, 32 bit OS will have a trouble while handling file larger than 4GB
- 64 bit OS is more secure, because it's driver has certificate from each vendor
- We can run 32 bit software on 64 bit OS, while we can't run 64 bit software on 32 bit OS
- Smallest unit has 32 bit size on 32 bit OS, while on 64 bit OS, smallest unit has 64 bit size


  1. and 128 bit is available now guys, what's the benefit using 128 bit system?


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