Saturday, July 2, 2011

Patching Problem

Patch! Different than Serial Number Generator or Key-Gen which the program will give you a number and you just copy-paste to registration form, or Crack which you just copy-paste the file to Installation directory. Generally, patch is similar to Crack. The difference is Patch will try to Crack the file (copy-paste crack to installation directory), add key to registry and anything in order to make a full program.

The problem is, usually, patching didn't pass as smooth as cracking. Here are the some way to solve:
1. In Windows 7, try to enable/disable User Account Control and right-click patch file then Run As Administrator.
2. Try to close the program you want to patch
3. Check for System Tray (Right-Down) and then right-click the tray icon and Exit
4. Check for Running Process. In this way, running process name maybe different than the executable name, for example the executable name is "natural.exe". Process name may be nat.exe or ntr exe, because you can rename the executable file, but not for process name


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