Friday, July 8, 2011

Widescreen Game: Warcraft III

You are using 16:9 Widescreen monitor and wanna play Warcraft III, if the game is not running in full-screen, try this method. Change Warcraft III video setting in regedit:
1. Open REGEDIT by typing regedit in start menu (Windows 7) or open Run (Windows Key + R) and type regedit (Windows XP)
2. Search for Video in Computer, HKEY Current User (HKCU), Software, Blizzard Entertainment, Warcraft III, Video
3. You will see a list of key, find "resheight", double click, select 'decimal', and type 768 (This is the height of your screen)
4. Find "reswidth", double click, select 'decimal', and type 1366 (This is the width of your screen)
5. Launch Warcraft III

Tips: Change all video setting parameters in game before you change the resolution via regedit


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