Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What The Difference: Bit and Byte

Sometimes, we interpret 'bit' as the other language from 'byte', actually bit and byte have a significant meaning.

Bit and Byte
Data, consist of 1 and 0, the set of 1 and zero is 'bit'. Bit consist of 1 or zero, 1 means positive (yes, agree, ok) and 0 means negative (no, disagree, cancel)

Byte consist some bits (1 byte = 8 bit)

Bit use decimal unit, so 1 kb = 1 x 10^3 bit = 1000 bit
Byte use biner units, so 1 kB = 1 x 2^10 bit = 1024 Byte

KBps = Kilo Bytes per second
Kbps = Kilo bit per second

This is why the internet speed written on the package is is different from real speed


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